How to Claim

It is important to understand that a Policy of Insurance is not intended or priced to cover every eventuality. There are DEFINED LOSS EVENTS as well as specific EXCLUSIONS which form the basis of the cover provided. Insurers are compelled to outline these as transparently as possible and we ourselves make a concerted effort to bring these to your attention when we communicate with you.
Suggested First Steps:

Refer to Contract:

It is always useful to check your policy schedule as well as your policy wording (these documents are read in conjunction with one another) to familiarize yourself with any relevant excesses, exclusions, requirements or obligations. Alternatively you may of course contact us directly for assistance and we will check and verify the relevant information for you.

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It is important that you do not delay in informing our office (during working hours) or your insurer (after hours), immediately following any incident which may give rise to a claim, whether for own loss or damage, or a potential liability claim against you. Some policies contain a 30 days’ notice provision, and you could seriously prejudice your position if you fail to comply.
General Rules applicable to Claims submissions:

The following are general rules that apply. Please note that these do not override any specific policy or legal requirement:
Time of loss

  • Take all necessary and reasonable steps to minimise the loss and to protect insurers interests;
  • If other parties are involved, take down personal details for future reference by insurers, and provide them with your own;
  • Never admit liability, no matter how the circumstances may look at the time. Merely inform the other party that your insurance company will be dealing with the matter;
  • In the event of a motor vehicle accident, loss of valuables or money, or burglary, or loss by malicious damage, please report this to your nearest police station and insist on a case reference number;
Immediately after

  • Report the claim to our office and arrange to complete the claims documentation with us as soon as possible;
  • Advise our office of any other policy of insurance you think may cover the same event;
  • Obtain any other documents, such as repair or replacement quotations, which may be requested.
  • Retain any salvage or damaged items for upliftment or inspection by insurers should they so choose;
  • Any demand made on you by any other party/ies, or their insurer/s, should be forwarded to us immediately they come to be in your possession so that we can action this on your behalf.

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